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Welcome to: AGPElite

We are one of the top-ranked private international schools in Phnom Penh and part of the Global Education Vision family.

Our goal is to prepare students to attend the top 50 Universities in the United States and by doing this, we achieve our mission to bring a quality education to the next generation of Cambodians.

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AGPS Elite program.

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When we measure education... how do we measure excellence? Is it how many math formulas we know? Is it always knowing the answers? Is it getting the highest test scores? Or is it something else? 

At AGPS Elite, we approach education in a very different way. To train our students to be global citizens, we must first work on their character. 

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Join us as we help pursue the United Nations' Global Sustainability Development Goal #4 for a Quality Education, right here in Cambodia. What we as educators do truly does matter and we need to impart that knowledge to the students now. They are the ones, after all, who will run this world in the future, so we must equip them the best that we can.


AGPS Elite

Phnom Penh Campus

#615 Street 1015,

Phnom Penh Thmey,

Khan Sen Sok,

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

[Khmer]: +855 092 94 88 22  |  +855 081 209 409


[Korean]: +855 11 49 5511


[English]: +855 10 49 5511

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